Many would agree that graffiti is one of the most unsightly things to see when it comes to looking at a commercial property. Not only is the content often offensive or brightly coloured, but it can also cause much frustration and inconvenience to business owners who have had their property vandalised. While it’s one of the more challenging types of debris to remove from a building, there are some techniques which make the process easier than ever, helping to minimise business disruptions.

Want to know how to remove graffiti from the sides of your commercial building? Take a look at our expert guide. Includes information on chemical cleaning, power washing & super-heated steam cleaning using a Torik machine.

Caution with Chemicals

You won’t be alone if you think graffiti removal requires strong chemicals which strip the paint away from the building, but this isn’t always the case. It’s important to be cautious when considering this method. Chemicals can be harmful to your health if you come into contact with them and could cause damage to the surface of the building, leaving the brickwork looking worse than ever. For those in older properties, gentler, chemical-free cleaning techniques are advised. Never attempt to use chemicals yourself, enquiring with a commercial cleaning specialist about the best solutions for your needs. They’ll also have the right clothing and equipment to undertake the graffiti removal as quickly and safely as possible.

Power Washing

Jet washers use high pressured water to blast away debris from a building, including graffiti. Rather than scrubbing the brickwork, this can produce more effective results. Again, this may not be possible for the more delicate of surfaces and will result in a larger amount of water run-off from the sides of your building. Another option which is more suitable for brickwork and natural stone requiring a gentler cleaning method is super-heated steam cleaning (such as those used with the Torik cleaning system). Using high temperatures, the operator can control the pressure of the steam produced, tailoring the cleaning technique to the condition of the property’s surface. Using steam rather than water also results in less water being left around your building.

Why Ask for Professional Help?

The best way to identify the quickest and safest way to remove graffiti is to ask for professional help. Specialist commercial cleaning companies will be able to assess the damage to your building, including how old the graffiti is, the type of stonework or masonry involved and the best cleaning techniques which won’t damage the surface of your property. They’ll know precisely how to determine your needs, taking away the stress at what can be a pressurised time for a business owner.

Has your property been vandalised?

If you’re looking for some of the best ways to remove graffiti from the sides of your building, get in touch with the Aquamark Cleaning team. Our experienced commercial cleaners will assess your building, letting you know the best plan of action and providing a free, no-obligation quotation for any of the services you require. Covering a wide area of the South East, we work closely with businesses in locations such as Chertsey, Clerkenwell and Reading. Contact us today to find out more.