Is Your Building Turning Away Potential Clients?

If you walked into a shop and it was dirty, would you want to buy products there? This is something that those in offices sometimes forget. Promoting themselves as a professional, reputable business is essential for many companies when trying to secure new work and build relationships with potential clients.

If your business works in a commercial building or clients can see your place of work, making a good first impression starts with how your offices look. Anything from dirty windows to brickwork covered in grime can contribute to clients mentally marking crosses against ‘do I want to work with this company?’.

To ensure your workplace reflects your professionalism and attention to detail, follow these expert tips.

Great Looking Buildings from the Bottom to the Top

Did you know buildings can opt for a deep clean to their entire façade? From achieving sparkling windows to ensuring cladding and brickwork are completely free of dirt, advanced cleaning techniques will ensure your building is left spotless. There are plenty of solutions for every type of structure, even when in a high-rise building or if there are hard to access areas. Options include jet washing, abseil window cleaning, cradle access systems, water-fed poles and cherry pickers which can reach up to 200 feet. Discuss needs with a commercial property cleaning specialist to find out which technique is the most suitable for your building as some will depend on height restrictions, safety criteria and stable level access.

Vizion clean street after jet washingWelcoming Outside Areas

Outside areas include walkways, ramps, terraces, walls and other brickwork, and these are all features potential clients will see or even spend time in if you have outside seating areas. Power washing is a great option for blasting away unsightly marks and grime, getting into the nooks and crannies which would normally be left untouched by the sweep of a broom or a bucket of water thrown over the area. Using a steady jet of water, released at high pressures, it’s ideal for cleaning bricks, paving, render and other types of hard surfaces and flooring.

Professional, Clean Offices

Having presented an impressive property from the outside, the last thing you’d want is for internal spaces to be a disappointing reflection of how your business is run. Implementing regular office cleaning schedules, deep carpet cleans and knowing an emergency cleaning specialist for any disasters will all contribute to creating the right corporate image for your company. This includes uncluttered desks, dust-free meeting rooms, glistening lifts and a welcoming reception area – all factors which will put your clients at ease as well as showing them that you’re a business who cares about workplace standards.

As commercial cleaning specialists, here at Aquamark Cleaning, we’re passionate about helping businesses create an impeccable working environment both inside and out, providing the best impression to your clients from the minute they spot your building to the time they walk through internal areas on each floor. We offer wide coverage across the South East, including East London, Mayfair, Epsom and Canary Wharf.

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