It’s not every day we get to teach a famous radio and TV presenter how to clean windows.

But, when Kate Garraway joined our team for the day, that’s exactly what we got to do!

On Monday 15th October, the Smooth Radio and Good Morning Britain host joined us for an hour of window cleaning at The Eagle apartment block on City Road in Hoxton, East London.

She was doing her amazing 24-Hour Job Hop for Global’s Make Some Noise, where she took on 24 new jobs in 24 hours. We were over the moon that she chose window cleaning as one of her jobs and that she asked the Aquamark Cleaning team to show her how it’s done.

Of course, we did thorough health and safety checks to make sure Kate, her team and any passersby would be completely safe while Kate was in charge of the equipment. As you can see from the photos, she donned all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), including our director Brad’s hi-vis jacket, which was about 5 sizes too big for her!

Kate Garraway job hop 2018 with Aquamark Cleaning
Kate Garraway GMB TV presenter window cleaning for Job Hop 2018
Kate Garraway 2018 job hop for GMTV
Kate Garraway and the Aquamark Cleaning team in London
Kate Garraway window cleaning with Aquamark Cleaning for job hop 2018

As this was Kate’s first attempt at commercial window cleaning, we opted for the water-fed pole – we think it would have been a bit much to have asked her to abseil down the side of a high-rise apartment block… We took Kate through all the health and safety bits, showed her some tips and tricks and, after a few wobbles, she was off.

At one point, she turned around to say something to her colleagues while still holding the pole, so one of our cleaners, Josh, had to run in and straighten up the pole for her so that it didn’t slide all the way down the window. After that, she was a superstar and worked hard to get those windows sparkling!

The whole team was delighted to have Kate join us for an hour and we’re really pleased to hear that she completed her 24-hour job hop successfully. It’s for an incredible cause.

Remember, there’s a water-fed pole ready for you if you get bored of presenting, Kate!

Kate Garraway wielding a water-fed pole for Aquamark Cleaning in London
Breakfast TV presenter Kate Garraway working with Aquamark Cleaning in London 2018