Beat the Winter Blues by Keeping Office Windows Clean

Beat the winter blues by ensuring your offices are clean

If you ask an employee whether they feel well at work, they’ll probably think about their posture or diet. In fact, there are many factors that can influence health, with sunlight playing a critical role.

The windows in your office are an aspect of building maintenance that could be directly affecting the health of your staff. This is particularly true in winter, when the hours of daylight are much shorter.

The cleanliness of windows isn’t just about external appearances, but can also reflect the way the staff feel. Let’s look at this in the wider context of building cleanliness at work.

The image of your business

Arriving on a wet and windy Monday morning to a dirty building exterior isn’t going to make any member of staff feel happy or proud to be working for your company. This will translate into loss of morale, apathy and even the lowering of self-esteem if all they see each day is an unclean environment. Having an unclean kitchen would be rightly frowned upon, and the exterior of the building should be considered in the same way.

If your office looks dirty, it’s going to make a poor first impression on your clients who expect to see cleanliness and attention to detail.

The impact on health

When the windows are covered in the dust, grit and grime of the outside world, staff can’t see through them easily. This creates a number of negative issues which can affect their morale.

Whilst sitting at their desk, the view they have is their window on the world and even whilst working hard it’s vital to have other places to sight your gaze when thinking through a task or planning a strategy apart from looking at the computer. Nobody wants to look at streaky, grey windows and it certainly doesn’t inspire creativity.

In terms of our health, we all need as much vitamin D as possible in the winter to keep our skins and immune systems healthy. The easiest way to get our daily dose is through sunlight, and this is the crux of why clean windows are so vital. Cleaning the windows means that your staff instantly get access to increased natural light. In turn, this could help to keep the number of sick days to a minimum.

Reliable window cleaning

When you need a window cleaning company that recognises quality, talk to Aquamark. We understand that clear, clean windows contribute considerably to employee morale. We can also attend to areas like paving, signage and solar panels that can quickly become grubby, revitalising the appearance of your office and rejuvenating visitors and staff.

Aquamark will be able to put together a personalised quote based on the size and structure of your offices, using a variety of techniques and tackling even the most complicated structures. You’ll soon realise that having somewhere to be proud to work at through the simple act of arranging clean windows will really make a difference to the attitude and productivity rate of your staff.