Ability Place

About the project

Ability Place is a luxurious, towering residential development in Millharbour, in the heart of stylish Canary Wharf. With more than 20 storeys of properties with floor-to-ceiling windows and projecting glass balconies, Ability Place requires expert window and cladding cleaning every three months, as well as mansafe testing, monorail testing and anchor-point testing – a range of commercial services that Aquamark Cleaning is delighted to provide.

Ability Place
Ability Place
Ability Place


The challenges

As a high-rise apartment block, Ability Place is an immensely tall building, and requires innovative cleaning solutions that can reach even the highest top-floor windows and glass balconies. It is also located on a busy London road, which means that any cleaning and testing needs to be carried out quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption as possible to passers-by. The building also has jutting out balconies, so it’s important that window cleaning teams are able to navigate these as effectively as possible.


Aquamark’s expert solutions

Our highly trained teams feel completely at home on the top of a high-rise building, and so are to carry out mansafe, monorail and anchor-point testing safely, effectively and fearlessly! By doing so, they can check that the building’s fixtures are as secure as possible and that the property is in compliance with key health and safety regulations. While on the top of a building, they wear protective gear and are harnessed to secure points at all times.

Our expert abseil teams then begin their descent of the building, using a bucket and squeegee to achieve that perfect shine on the windows. This versatile method means that our window technicians can stop at each of the balconies, step safely onto them and clean the glass on both sides. Our window cleaners ensure a streak-free shine every time!

Our client’s feedback

Gabriel Romanescu, Development Manager at Ability Place, is always delighted with our work. He says: “Brad and his team have been cleaning our residential building for the last three years. The professionalism demonstrated is refreshing. They are always very polite and accommodating to every business issue. I have no hesitation to recommend Aquamark Cleaning to anyone who’s looking for a commercial cleaning company”.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services for your commercial property in London, Surrey or Berkshire, contact us at Aquamark Cleaning today. As well as window cleaning, we can help with mansafe testing, monorail testing and anchor-point testing to ensure your building’s safety fixtures are as secure as possible.


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