Aquamark Clear the Decks for Axis

About the client

The professional window cleaning team at Aquamark has recently finished a large, unusual job for Axis in East London at a residential block of flats. The task was not without its challenges and the location of the project made it difficult.  In true Aquamark style however, a solution was found and the work commenced.

Axis, who Aquamark have partnered with recently, were contracted to paint the stairwell of a large block of residential apartments in East London with pigeon repellent paint.  The pigeons, and their droppings, are a real problem for the apartment’s residents and over time the stairwell had become a health hazard. Before Axis could apply the repellent however, the whole site had to be cleaned of the pigeon’s abundant droppings.

Challenges and Solutions

Pigeon droppings over time can erode brick work and cause real damage to buildings.  The problem is much more than a cosmetic concern, it can be very detrimental to a building and given the unhygienic situation caused by such fouling is also a health and safety concern to residents.

We power washed the brick work first to bring the walls back to their original state.  It was necessary to use a power washing system to remove the engrained pigeon droppings which had dried to form a thick surface on the walls.  Once the walls were clean, we used a powerful Traffic Film Remover to get the windows and frames back to their original clean state. To finish, we used the water-fed pole system to give a final clean of the whole area.

The location of the job caused some difficulties.  For a job of this height we would usually use MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms) to lift our window cleaners safely.  It wasn’t possible to get a MEWP inside the stairwell so we erected scaffolding to reach the problem areas.  Scaffolding is much more time consuming but it was the only way of elevating our professionals safely.

Job Done with Aquamark

The stairwell of the apartment block is now free from bird waste and is a safer, more pleasant area for residents. Aquamark was delighted to have assisted in the transformation.


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