Greenland Place, Surrey Quays

About the project


Greenland Place is a beautiful development of new homes in Surrey Quays, London – close to the riverside and at the heart of the regeneration in the city.

It was developed by Barratt Homes, whose property management company, BRAM, asked the Aquamark Cleaning team to assist with keeping the windows and cladding as clean and smart as possible at all times.

We started working at Greenland Place in 2015 and continue to deliver expert cleaning.

Abseilers on Oslo Greenand Place


The challenges

The construction of Greenland Place has been a lengthy process, with new buildings being added at various stages. As such, a lot of the buildings had built up limescale due to the dust from the construction work, and some had heavy soiling as a result of machinery and other construction site factors. One aspect of the site was particularly challenging – the buildings had Juliet balconies, which our team was not able to clean behind by using our typical tools.


Aquamark’s expert solutions

We provided regular window cleaning to ensure that the new buildings at Greenland Place were kept free from debris build-up from the construction work. We did this using a range of methods: for windows that were easy to reach from the ground floor, we used water-fed poles and hand-held tools. For upper storeys and windows that were in hard-to-reach areas, we employed our expert abseil team to descend up to 23 storeys (the development is made up of blocks of different sizes) and make the glass on every part of the building sparkle. Our abseil team was also responsible for periodic cleaning of the cladding, which was often just as grimy as the windows – again due to the construction debris from the development work.

In order to overcome the challenge of the Juliet balconies, we created a special pole that enabled us to access the awkward area behind each of the features and make sure they were as beautifully clean as rest of the building. Doing this meant that our cleaning for Greenland Place was efficient and not interrupted by the challenges of the project site. You can find more information about how we expertly clean Juliet balconies on our blog.

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