Commercial Window Cleaning – One Blackfriars

About The Project

During the first 5 years after One Blackfriars was built, it wasn’t able to receive a successful all-around clean and therefore, it had only managed 2 out of 4 cleans a year.

This was due to the wind, the location and the shape of the building. Whilst architecture is becoming more unique in its designs – it can pose more challenges when it comes to window cleaning.

Blackfriars had 3 previously installed BMU’s for cradle cleaning, however, only one was used during previous cleans due to the winds – this created a longer window clean and meant deadlines weren’t met.

One Blackfriars - Commercial Window Cleaning

What Is Cradle Window Cleaning?

Cradle access systems enable window cleaning companies to easily and efficiently clean an entire building. The building cradle is essentially a platform that’s suspended on a crane to provide flexibility for commercial window cleaning to commence.

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) must be in good functioning order and ready to use before it may be used. A reputable company should do this by thoroughly examining the service certificate, LOLER test certificate, and insurance certificate.


About One Blackfriars

One Blackfriars is a stunning addition to the cityscape of London, the building gazes down at the River Thames and is built by award-winning SimpsonHaugh.

The tower, which stands 170-meters tall and has 274 apartments, is perfectly positioned to overlook the South Bank, which is known as the “Home of the Arts.”


One Blackfriars - Commercial Window Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning One Blackfriars
Cradle Window Cleaning For One Blackfriars

Overcoming Building Challenges 

Cradle cleaning is a quick and efficient high-rise window cleaning technique that may be utilised on buildings where pulleys can be attached. It’s a practical option that requires few disruptions and has no height constraints.

It’s also a very safe solution and assures that tasks are being done correctly. It is run from the top down, so no machinery is required at ground level.

Cleaning operatives can achieve an impeccable clean because they have all of the essential equipment on the cable – making it the best option for Blackfriars.

With proactive planning with the wind and understanding the Blackfriars building – the clean was successful via cradle cleaning.

To maximise the resources available, 6 window operatives at Aquamark Cleaning were trained so that 3 BMU’s could be used at the same time when there were low winds.

3 BMU’s provided a boost to complete the window clean in 3 months and meant that a high standard window clean was delivered regardless of the scale of the job.