Aquamark Proves no Job is too Difficult at Major Supermarket

About the client

One of the reasons that many people recommend Aquamark’s window cleaning services and come back time and time again is the truth in the statement that ‘no job is too difficult or awkward for the professional cleaning teams at Aquamark.’  This was proved recently with the completion of a difficult assignment involving cleaning a Tesco supermarket at Higham Industrial Estate in Chingford, East London.

The supermarket had been having finishing touches completed and needed a high level glass wall cleaned both inside and out. The internal wall was proving difficult and Aquamark received a call requesting help.

In July 2012 Aquamark completed a substantial contract in east London for Axis who had been contracted to paint the stairwell of a large block of residential apartments with pigeon repellent paint. Before any work could commence, the stairwell needed to be thoroughly cleaned of all the birds’ fouling.

At the time Aquamark was only working with one Axis site surveyor but, after this glowing endorsement, we were recommended to a further seven site surveyors across the company.

Quick Turnaround

Aquamark received the call on a Friday; the job needed to be completed by the following Monday, leaving a very short window of opportunity to get it done effectively. The exterior of the glass wall was cleaned with hot-water fed poles quickly and without difficulty on the Saturday morning. The interior posed a few more problems.

The glass wall rises to 40ft and has travelators directly underneath it making it impossible to use a manual elevated work platform (MEWP), to place a ladder safely or to erect scaffolding. The store is open to the public so there was no opportunity to turn the travelators off.  The store closes at 4pm on a Sunday, so it was after this hour that Aquamark could get to work and tackle the glass wall.

Problem Solving for Best Results

The inside of the store had just been freshly painted so it was important for the paintwork not to become wet.  Cleaning with regular water-fed poles would have caused damage to the paintwork.  To get over this problem Aquamark purchased a new piece of equipment to get the job done.

The Dragonfly internal window cleaning kit cleans interior windows without any water spillage.  A single pump system and water bottle allows for total water control meaning no areas, other than the windows, get wet.

The results were a perfectly cleaned glass wall, both inside and out, and a very happy and impressed client.

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