The Filaments, Wandsworth. Torik Window Cleaning


About the project

The Filaments is a luxury, modern residential development in Wandsworth, South London. It sits in striking comparison to the traditional homes and shops in the rest of Wandsworth, and dominates the skyline for that particular area of London. The iconic, contemporary design of the high-rise reflects the transition of Wandsworth from a historically industrial town to a more modern commercial and residential space. Aquamark Cleaning is delighted to have been asked to help keep the property looking neat and presentable at all times. We were contracted by the management team at The Filaments in February 2018 to carry out super-heated steam cleaning to the development’s glass reinforced concrete (GRC) façade.

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The challenges

As the construction of The Filaments was completed in the summer of 2015, it had started to build up some dirt and grime on its façade. This happens naturally to all buildings, as the façades are exposed to the weather and also the pollution caused by traffic. For buildings in London, this exposure to pollution from heavy traffic is even more noticeable and causes properties to weather more quickly. We needed to provide a solution that would blast away this dirt and grime and make the façade look shiny and new again. This is something that can really only be achieved with jet washing or, in more extreme cases, steam cleaning.

The Filaments is a huge development, with 340 private apartments (each with one, two, three or four bedrooms) available. Copperlight, which is the tallest tower at The Filaments, has 15 storeys! As such, we needed a cleaning solution that would enable us to reach these upper storeys and clean them just as effectively as the lower ones. And, as we needed to use expert machinery to blast away the grime that had built up on the façade, we needed a solution that our technicians could use safely with our high-powered machinery in hand.

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Aquamark’s expert solutions

We implemented our Torik machine to make The Filaments look bright and smart again. We did so because The Filaments features GRC, which can be damaged by chemicals or high-pressured water. The Torik doesn’t use chemicals or high-pressured water; it provides super-heated steam cleaning to get the façade back to its original colour. For some areas of the façade, such as the dividers between storeys, we employed our abseil team, who used the steam cleaner to blast the grime away. To enable us to reach other areas of the property safely with the Torik, we used our cherry picker, which allowed us to gain height while retaining a secure, steady base for our professional Torik technicians to operate from.

Another happy customer

The team at The Filaments was delighted with the outcome of our Torik steam cleaning service. The façade was bright, presentable and free from the grime caused by pollution.

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