Vizion, Milton Keynes

About the project

The stunning Vizion residential complex in Milton Keynes offers luxury executive apartments in an iconic development. With a hidden rooftop garden, a distinctive red and white façade, and sparkling glass balconies, Vizion is a beautiful oasis of calm in the heart of busy Milton Keynes. Its well-kempt gardens mean that the building and windows need to be immaculate at all times, to provide residents with the peaceful, comfortable environment they’re paying for! Aquamark Cleaning was hired in February 2018 to provide water-fed pole and abseiling window cleaning services, as well as jet washing for the pavements and surrounding areas.

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The challenges

As a busy residential development, Vizion had naturally built up grime and dirt on its walls, paving and windows. Moss and algae had also started to grow on the paving and steps. As well as being unsightly, this plant debris can get slippery in wet weather, so it was important to blast it away effectively. These challenges were not a problem for the Aquamark Cleaning team – we help property managers overcome such issues on a daily basis, so we quickly got to work!

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Aquamark’s expert solutions

In order to make the paving and façade look as neat and attractive as possible (and free from grime, moss and algae), we used a jet washer. We jet washed all the pavements and areas of the development that required it. A jet washer is an exceptional bit of cleaning kit, and a really effective way to blast away stuck-on grime. We connected a vacuum to the round cleaner of the jet washer, which filters the dirty water efficiently. We also cleaned all the external windows in the development. We used a combination of water-fed pole and abseiling techniques to do so. Our water-fed pole solution was ideal for the lower storeys, enabling us to efficiently clean the glass from the ground. Vizion is very tall, though – in fact, residents are able to get a panoramic view of Milton Keynes from the higher floors, and the building towers above any other properties in the area. As such, we brought in our abseil team to clean the upper storeys safely, efficiently and thoroughly.

Another happy customer

Stuart Hart, Estate Manager at Vizion, said that the service received from Aquamark Cleaning was “exceptional”. He went on to say: “Building care projects are completed to the highest of industry standards and with a proactive focus on Health and Safety. Other suppliers procured when projects are under tender cannot compete when weighted against quality of workmanship and value for money. On multiple occasions Aquamark Cleaning has provided swift support, guidance and experienced knowledge to resolve logistical challenges. All engineers are fully experienced, show great customer service skills and care, and have aided in the relationship building between customers and management.”

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