The Project – Cleaning a Huge Complex

Once building work has finished taking place, Royal Wharf will form the site of what will become the largest residential apartment complex in London. Therefore, when we were first asked to provide window cleaning services here, we knew a well-planned and methodical operation was a must. Placed alongside the River Thames, just east of Canary Wharf, access would be one of the biggest hurdles we would need to overcome.

We originally planned to clean the external windows by abseiling on all areas across the entire complex. However, there were some design issues, so we needed to adapt our access methods during the clean.

The Solution – Combined Cleaning Techniques

For this ongoing project, we use a combined approach of abseilingcherry pickers and water fed pole cleaning. Using several techniques means we can reach every part of the windows at both height and ground level while protecting the safety of our cleaning operatives and anyone else present onsite.

Abseil window cleaning is ideal for large buildings which have several awkward to reach spots. Cherry pickers can be used where the ground is stable and level to support the MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms). Finally, water fed poles provide a deeper clean with filtered pure water and can reach heights of up to 70 feet. Using a combination of cleaning techniques is usually required where access is limited.

This project is one of the largest we undertake. While we clean the complex in full every three months, the sheer size of the job means we have a team here every day of the year, except for weekends. Our experienced cleaning operatives work hard to achieve successful outcomes and high quality results every time.


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