What is Cradle Window Cleaning?

Cradle access systems enable window cleaning companies to easily and efficiently clean an entire building. The building cradle is essentially a platform that’s suspended on a crane to provide flexibility for commercial window cleaning to commence.

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) must be in good functioning order and ready to use before it may be used. A reputable company should do this by thoroughly examining the service certificate, LOLER test certificate, and insurance certificate.

About The Tower

St George Wharf Tower, also known as the Tower, is an iconic residential skyscraper in Vauxhall, London, and part of the St George Wharf development. Overlooking the bustling cityscape of London, the tower stands 181 metres tall with 50 storeys.

Image of The Tower

Overcoming Building Challenges

Through a combination of innovative solutions, pro-active strategic planning, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Aquamark has successfully overcame The Tower’s window cleaning challenges, ensuring a pristine appearance that complements its architectural grandeur.

By addressing the unique obstacles posed by wind patterns, building design, and maintenance requirements, everything is going very well and the residents are now happy to have their windows cleaned regularly – AND they have constant communication throughout the entire clean process.