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Public Sector Cleaning by Aquamark


Following some high profile cleaning contracts, Aquamark has built a strong reputation for public sector cleaning services.

Public sector cleaning can take many different forms.  It can be to provide a daily, weekly or monthly clean in a public sector building or office or it could be a more specialist service such as an after-build or renovation clean.

We have the expertise and equipment to clean public sector buildings ranging from HMOs to residential homes and social housing. Our staff are well trained and have a full understanding of the specific requirements for public sector cleaning, including full compliance with health and safety guidelines.

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Bespoke Public Sector Cleaning

Cleaning buildings used by the public sector can differ greatly to many other forms of commercial cleaning.

Buildings such as local authority residential tower blocks have a very heavy foot fall and the buildings themselves tend to be high-rise, making specialist equipment and know how necessary to provide a professional clean.  Cleaning nursing homes and residential homes on the other hand can differ too as there could be sensitive medical equipment to consider, as well as the health and safety of staff, residents and patients.

Past Public Sector Cleaning Success

Aquamark’s reputation for providing quality, bespoke public sector cleaning services was recently boosted by the previous success of building clean contracts at two sites for Wandsworth Council.  This challenging job is a good example of our versatility in public sector cleaning.

The sites, which house 17 high rise local authority residential tower blocks, were having essential maintenance work completed and replacement windows throughout.  Aquamark’s teams used their full range of specialist equipment and expertise to complete the job, which included cleaning all the windows, frames and sills using hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, cherry pickers and cradle cleaning.

Not 100% happy with your public sector cleaning contractors?  Call Aquamark today to talk to us about our bespoke cleaning services.

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