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Aquamark: Keeping our Schools and Universities Clean

For a quality service in commercial cleaning for schools and universities, it’s essential to contract a company that has the right experience, all the correct equipment and licences for cleaning large educational buildings, as well as a problem solving attitude and ethos.  Aquamark offer all of that, and much more.

Here at Aquamark we have been providing school and university cleaning for over 20 years. Our fully qualified and experienced cleaners offer all the cleaning services required to keep educational institutions at their very best, including halls of residence and university accommodation cleaning.

Our ‘can-do’ attitude means whatever needs cleaning, we will find a way to achieve the very best results. Do you have very high ceilings or difficult to reach galleries in your school or university? Aquamark provides fully trained and accredited abseil cleaning teams and cradle cleaning teams to reach parts of large educational buildings that may not have been cleaned for years as they were deemed impossible to reach.

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Tailored Cleaning Services to Suit Large Educational Facilities

Schools and universities traditionally see a lot of wear and tear due to the daily footfall.  Aquamark offers a bespoke university and school cleaning service to make sure the most problematic areas of the buildings are dealt with on a regular basis, whether that is communal halls, classrooms, staff areas and corridors. We also offer halls of residence and university accommodation cleaning.

Aquamark’s cleaning supervisors will conduct a full tour of the school or university before drawing up a mutually agreed contract for cleaning.  Our teams are fully trained and aware of all health and safety guidelines that are appropriate to this industry, as well as the implications of cleaning in a busy establishment with a high level of traffic.

School and University Cleaning Company

Our supervisors are always available to discuss any issues or to offer advice on any additional cleaning jobs, such as one off cleans of difficult to reach areas such as ceilings or façades.
For more information about our tailored school and university cleaning services, call Aquamark today.

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