Solar Panel Cleaning

If you manage an energy efficient building, it may well feature solar panels that act as an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity.

Aquamark is pleased to say that in addition to the broad range of quality window cleaning services we offer, our professional team can also be appointed to undertake your solar panel cleaning.

What’s more, we use methods that are beneficial to the planet, too.

Solar Panels Operatives on the roof

Why invest in solar panel cleaning?

To ensure that the solar panels of a building continue to perform to their true, energy efficient potential, they need to be periodically maintained. That’s why it’s so important to appoint a quality cleaning company who can make sure that they’re cleaned regularly, and to the highest standards.

Let’s Discuss Your Solar Panel Cleaning Needs

What does Aquamark’s solar panel cleaning service involve?

Using our wide-ranging expertise in the cleaning industry, Aquamark can be enlisted to take care of the entire solar panel cleaning project.

Using water-fed poles, pressurised water is pumped through the poles, producing a powerful jet. This gives each panel exceptional standards of cleanliness, without the need for chemical based cleaners.

In addition, Aquamark has all required health and safety documents, and follows all the necessary guidelines, which will comply with your internal policies.

Solar Panel Window Cleaners

The benefits of our solar panel cleaning service:

  • We are an environmentally conscientious company that works to devise green cleaning solutions.
  • We follow all health and safety guidelines to the letter.
  • We produce exceptional levels of cleanliness.
  • We have a professional and dedicated team who provide the highest levels of customer care.

Green cleaning services for environmentally friendly solar panels

In 2013, Aquamark was invited to bid on a large solar panel cleaning contract for Thames Water’s site in Walton on Thames and Crossness.

Due to our green cleaning methods and exceptional standards of workmanship, we won the contract in the face of impressive competition.

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