Before getting started with any high-level window cleaning project, it’s imperative to check the implementation of fall protection, in the form of anchor points. These anchor points not only allow an abseil cleaning team to carry out a first class finish, but also ensure the safety of the team and your building.

In order to carry out a commercial window clean safely, anchor points are essential for any abseiling window team, allowing them to steadily travel up and down the outside and reach all required areas of the building.


What are Anchor Points?

Frequently referred to as ‘eyebolts’ or ‘safety eyebolts’, anchor points are a key piece of equipment for any professional window cleaning team to utilise. Anchor points play an important role in commercial window cleaning, and are responsible for helping cleaners to travel up and down a building with ease.

When connected to abseiling rigging, they provide crucial safety to abseil window cleaners and other maintenance workers.


But how does an anchor point work?

An anchor point works to decrease the weight of the worker and their equipment from the structure. They are used to connect the team’s equipment to a building’s façade, which is why they need to be thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they keep cleaners safe and meet compliance requirements.

Abseil window cleaning requires a huge amount of skill; therefore, anchor point testing and inspection must be carried out to reduce safety risks, avoid injuries and protect your building from damage.


What do anchor points do?

Anchor points work to protect both abseil window cleaners and the building they’re working on, as well as:

  • Prevent serious falls – If somebody were to fall, the anchor point will absorb their weight and ensure they only fall a very short distance.


  • Reduce load on the structure – Anchor points absorb the energy of a fall, if one were to occur, without putting stress on the building/structure.

Why install Anchor Points?

For high-rise commercial and office buildings, safety eyebolts are generally used to provide secured support for maintenance or window cleaning. This makes it easier – and safer – to gain access to the outside of the building.


Why is Anchor Point Testing important?

The prime duty of anchor points is to save people’s lives. Abseil cleaning staff are incredibly skilled in what they do, and in order to complete their work correctly, they need to be able to work safely.
While also carrying the responsibility of providing a high quality clean, abseil cleaners also need to ensure a safe working environment and safely carry out anchor point testing.

As you would expect, anchor points need to be strong, robust and reliable. As well as supporting the weight of a cleaning team, they also need to safely support the weight of cleaning equipment.

Anchor point testing is crucial for a number of reasons, including:

  • To limit health and safety risks for abseil cleaning staff.
  • Compliance requirements – in line with Health and Safety legislation.
  • To avoid damage to your building as a result of not sufficiently testing anchor points.


What does Anchor Point Testing involve?

The testing of each anchor point is best carried out by the cleaning team you frequently work with. Since they will be the ones completing your abseil clean, they will be well equipped to regularly examine safety eyebolts to ensure they are suitable.

Regular inspection will ensure your anchor point system is strong enough to withstand wear and tear, compliant with all Health and Safety legislation and appropriately maintained.

How regularly they are tested largely depends on the type of system you have installed in your building. Most commonly, an inspection should be carried out every six months without fail. Although some Aquamark competitors offer anchor point testing for free with their window cleaning, this can be a very dangerous thing for the management company to do.

Many competitors that offer this are not reputable companies in the testing industry and do not have the qualifications to do this correctly, making them unable to give it the respect and diligence it deserves.


Testing Certification

Once your anchor point devices are installed, they require little maintenance. However, the testing and inspection they do require are imperative to the safety of those working at height.

Therefore, a comprehensive inspection done by certified professionals is incredibly important. However, it is imperative for the management company to work with a window cleaning company that is reputable in anchor point testing. If an unqualified company were to carry out anchor point testing, the management company will be liable.



It is vital to test anchor points regularly, to ensure the safety of commercial cleaners working at height.

If your business requires abseil cleaning on a regular basis, anchor points need to be tested to maintain compliance and ensure your cleaning team can operate safely.

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