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Aquamark: Theatre Cleaning Specialists London

Here in Britain we are lucky enough to have some of the most grand and well attended theatres in the world.  They may be a pleasure to visit and admire, but they are notoriously difficult to clean thanks to all their intricacies.
Here at Aquamark we’ve been providing specialist theatre cleaning services for over 20 years and we have steadily built up a reputation for excellence by offering successful and innovative solutions to challenging jobs.

Cleaning theatres takes a great deal of care, experienced staff and innovative techniques. Many theatre buildings are listed too so additional care must be taken when cleaning individual features and parts of the theatre’s structure.

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Wide Range of Theatre Cleaning Techniques Offered

With many period features and irregularities, theatre cleaning can be very challenging to conduct thoroughly. To clean high balconies or difficult to reach features such as cornicing or plaster work, we have a number of methods.

Abseil cleaning can be used to reach even the most difficult and awkward spots and causes little disruption either. All abseil cleaners at Aquamark are experienced and IRATA (International Rope Access Trained Association) qualified and have a complete understanding of all the health and safety guidelines associated to working at height.

Many theatres are in busy and built up areas of London too, making access with heavy equipment very difficult.  Aquamark has proven ability to find effective solutions for theatre cleaning, even when other companies have not.

Aquamark Cleans up at Covent Garden’s Royal Ballet School

Aquamark recently cleaned the glass ‘Bridge of Aspiration’ that connects the Royal Ballet School with the adjacent Royal Opera House, and other features of this world famous centre for dance.  The contract was a job that many other theatre cleaning firms deemed impossible.

The bridge is made of twisted glass and wood; it is award-winning but extremely difficult to clean. The location of the bridge is tricky too as it’s in the middle of London’s extremely busy Covent Garden. But by negotiating with Westminster Council to close the road on a Sunday and utilising water fed poles and hand tools, the job was completed.

Are you looking for a theatre cleaning specialist with a can-do attitude? Contact Aquamark Contract Cleanerstoday for a can-do approach and problem solving attitude.

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