Torik Cleaning Service

When dirt and grime build up the façade of a building, it can start to make a property looked tired and outdated. This is an issue for commercial buildings which need to look smart and professional to create the right impression of a business. That’s where our Torik cleaning service comes into its own – the super-heated steam cleaner that produces outstanding results.

Benefits of the Torik Cleaning System

In London, where traffic and pollution are higher, the weathering process of buildings can occur more quickly. While traditional cleaning and jet washing processes are often used to clean windows and the façade of buildings, this isn’t appropriate for many types of property. For older buildings or modern ones which have GRC (glass reinforced concrete) on their exterior, a more delicate cleaning process is required. Torik cleaning is the ideal solution, using a steam cleaning process to deep clean the outside of buildings.

Benefits include:

  • Gently blasting away grime from buildings

  • Reducing risks of damaging a building

  • Alternative to chemicals and high-pressure water

  • Restoring a building’s original look and colour

  • The Torik machine can be used at height

Check out the Torik cleaning system in action on this modern residential development in Wandsworth, South London.

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Steam cleaning delicate buildings in London
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What Does Torik Cleaning Involve?

The Torik cleaning process involves the use of pressurised steam rather than blasting water out of jet washing equipment. Using a high-powered, mobile Torik machine, our operatives use a variety of methods to reach every area of the building. This includes abseil window cleaning down industrial strength ropes if we need to reach awkward areas on high-rise buildings.

We also use cherry picker cleaning systems where possible, reaching heights of up to 200 feet where stable level ground access is available. The Torik machine’s controllable system of super-heated water in a diesel burner produces steam which removes a wide variety of debris, including algae, moss, grime, spores, graffiti and fungi. This safe, gentle and effective technique is great for using on both stonework and brick masonry.

Why Choose Aquamark Cleaning?

It can be challenging to find the right company to work with, so why should you use Aquamark Cleaning for Torik cleaning services?

  • Our technicians are trained to use the Torik Machinery at height safely and efficiently

  • We use environmentally friendly, chemical-free cleaning techniques

  • Minimal disruptions to the day-to-day running of your business

  • Flexible cleaning methods to reach every spot of your commercial building

  • Exceptional, sparkling results every time

Use our professional and reliable services for all your commercial cleaning needs. We carry out a full risk assessment before undertaking any work, so you can be sure all safety standards are being upheld.

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