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The reach-and-wash system, which uses water-fed poles for commercial window cleaning, is one of the most popular window cleaning services on the market, due to its range of associated benefits.

It’s a versatile and trustworthy tool, it involves a pole from the ground floor that can reach up to 82 feet of a building.

It’s used to provide effective cleaning to several buildings up to 7 floors with the use of filtered water.

It provides an overall safer solution because they’re used at ground level and cleaners can reach areas of glass beyond their natural reach.

Essentially doing what it says on the tin, a water-fed pole cleans buildings exteriors, windows, and structures with a careful balance of filtered pure water, which is fed through a high-reaching pole.

And, with Aquamark’s hot water-fed pole window cleaning services, we guarantee an exceptional window clean for your buildings.

What Does The Water-Fed Poles Service Involve?

With a reach of over 82 feet, water-fed poles can clean a variety of buildings and structures. Their filtered pure water, which is used instead of detergents, absorbs grime and algae, leaves windows and frames spotlessly clean, and offers long-lasting results.

The brush at the end of the water-fed pole is used to loosen any grime and dirt and the pure water washes it away – delivering an exceptional clean without a hefty price.

Let’s Discuss Your Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Needs

Are Water-Fed Poles Right For My Building?

There are many reasons that water-fed poles commercial window cleaning services can make the perfect window cleaning system for your building, these benefits include:

  • It’s a highly cost-effective solution for those on a budget.
  • It’s an environmentally friendly solution for eco-conscious clients, as they use pure water in place of detergents.
  • It’s ideal for hard to access buildings, due to their reach of over 82 feet.
  • It minimises disruption to your day-to-day activities, as there is no need for ladders or high access equipment.
  • It can be used on a variety of structures, including signs, canopies, cladding and fascia.
water-fed pole commercial window cleaning UK

Essentially, water-fed pole systems deliver great, environmentally friendly results for buildings up to 82 feet and where access can be attained from ground level.

Before any window cleaning commences, we arrange a site visit to assess the best option for the building. Get in touch today to book your free site assessment and to discover if water-fed poles are the best window cleaning solution for you.

The Essential Guide to water-fed pole window cleaning

The Essential Guide To Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning - Aquamark

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