Every year or so, Aquamark Office Cleaning recommends that your office is deep cleaned. Deep cleaning is a way to ensure health and safety and prolong the life of your carpets and appliances, and it’s a perfect complement to our regularly daily or weekly cleaning services.

In this article, we’ll look at deep cleans in detail. Don’t forget: our cleaners can deep clean offices throughout London, Surrey and the south east, and we offer office cleaning as a one-off package.

Keeping your office clean is essential

What’s Included in a Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning an office means moving furniture, emptying cupboards and tackling those hard-to-reach areas where dirt can accumulate.

Depending on the premises, the exact requirements of a deep clean will vary. But in a typical office, here are the tasks on our checklist:

  • Complete hoover of every carpet – moving furniture if necessary.
  • Thorough cleaning of all non-carpeted floors.
  • Cleaning of areas that often pick up dirt: light switches, door handles and skirting boards.
  • Kitchen cupboards and fridge emptied and scrubbed.
  • Kitchen work surfaces cleaned.
  • Microwave and other appliances cleaned inside and out.
  • Restroom facilities cleaned and mirrors left sparkling.
  • Chairs vacuumed or wiped.
  • Cleaning of vents, window ledges and other areas where dust accumulates.
  • Removal of mildew or limescale.
  • Sanitisation of computer equipment: headsets, telephones, keyboards and so on.

Our cleaning team will ensure your office is treated for any odours and that all toilets and eating areas are made clean, including any sanitisation you require. All carpet treatments are designed to use minimum moisture so that carpets can be walked on as soon as possible after the cleaning process is complete.

If your premises have gardens or outdoor space, we can supply cleaning teams to tackle waste or generally improve the cleanliness and tidiness of the area. This include cleaning flagstones, emptying bins and washing doors and windows.

Quality Control

Aquamark only uses approved, directly employed cleaners for its cleaning contracts.

Our office deep clean packages include a point of contact that supervises each part of the process. This person will ensure that work is carried out to your requirements and to the correct standards.

If you would like to attend to oversee the deep clean, you are welcome to do so. Equally, you can leave everything in the hands of our trained professionals. They’ll ensure your office is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to your liking.

Arranging an Office Deep Clean

Aquamark Office Cleaning will arrange a deep clean at a time to suit you, and we can attend any office building in the London and Surrey area. Due to the intensity of the cleaning process, we can arrange deep cleans outside office hours to minimise disruption and improve efficiency. No office is too small or too large. Our cleaning personnel can even be deployed on Sundays if your office is closed over the weekend.

For more information, and to discuss pricing, please call Aquamark Office Cleaning today. Whether you want a one-off deep clean or a regular cleaning service, Aquamark would be pleased to put together a bespoke package to keep your office clean and fresh.