Of all the factors that you need to take into account during a period of construction, window cleaning isn’t one of them – right? Well, actually the answer to that is probably that you do. If you don’t want to have to deal with issues further down the line and you want to ensure that your commercial building doesn’t look a mess during the construction process then it may be essential to schedule cleaning during this time.


3 good reasons to clean your commercial building during construction

  1. Cleaning now can provide protection against issues in the future. Construction sites are dirty places. Dust and grime from building materials and processes get everywhere, including all over new fabric, whether that’s glass or another part to be used for the exterior of the building. Limescale is a by-product of a grimy construction site and this can do damage to surfaces, as well as making your brand new building look old and badly maintained. Regular cleaning during the construction process will ensure you avoid build-ups of substances like dust and limescale so that the building will be at its best as soon as the last brick goes in.


  1. Showing off the potential of the property. If your commercial building is going to be let, if there is media interest or you have other third parties who might visit the site and even take photos then it pays to stay on top of the cleaning. For example, if you’re planning on letting out, or selling, space in a commercial building, clients will find it hard to visualise themselves there if all they can see is dusty surfaces and grimy glass. Regular cleaning can bring back the shine and provide enough of a sparkle to enable interested parties to be able to see the potential that your building has. If you want people to commit to a purchase or a contract, cleaning during construction could be an essential component in making that happen.


  1. Setting a precedent. Once construction has finished you may face the enormous task of getting the building ready for occupation – and that will inevitably involve clearing away all the construction debris. If you have been maintaining a schedule of cleaning throughout the project you won’t have so far to go before the building is clean and ready to be occupied. Investing in cleaning during construction also sets a precedent for the way that the building should be looked after once it is finished. This will be essential to securing a long lifespan for the building. At Aquamark we have been involved in cleaning for numerous unfinished construction projects, often even before there is a Building Maintenance Unit in place. The results speak for themselves in terms of both aesthetics and longevity.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of options when it comes to cleaning during construction, as well as the benefits that this offers to your business, contact one of our team.