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When high rise and office block buildings managers in London look for commercial window cleaning contractors, Canary Wharf serving Aquamark is often at the top of the list. Why? Because we have over twenty years experience, a range of safe high rise window cleaning solutions, and a commercial window cleaning team with unsurpassed skills.

Our Canary Wharf window cleaning services cover high rise buildings, office blocks, shopping centres, retail parks, sports stadiums, leisure complexes and lots more.

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Canary Wharf Window Cleaning Solution Finders

At Aquamark we are committed to finding a safe and effective solution to even the most difficult to tackle windows and glass roofs. We hold all the necessary licenses, qualifications and accreditations for office window cleaning.

Canary Wharf windows can be cleaned using one of the following methods:

  • Cradle Window Cleaning. This is suited to high rise buildings and causes little disruption. Our specialist cradle window cleaning personnel are fully trained and we supply all the necessary equipment.
  • Cherry Picker Cleaning. These hydraulic platforms reach up to 62 feet and are used when reach and wash window cleaning or cradles are not an option. All Aquamark personnel who operate these machines are fully trained and the company is an IPAF license holder.
  • Reach and Wash Window Cleaning. Water fed poles offer an effective and environmentally friendly way to clean hard to reach windows and glass.
  • Abseil Cleaning. Our IRATA trained high rise window cleaning experts are regularly seen cleaning buildings in Canary Wharf. Window cleaning contractors don’t always offer this very specialist service, but Aquamark does, so contact us to find out more.

Canary Wharf high rise window cleaning experts Aquamark offer a free consultation so we can work out the best solution and window cleaning method to suit specific situations and requirements.

Free initial consultation on all Canary Wharf Window Cleaning Projects

Looking for exceptional quality and highly reliable office window cleaning Canary Wharf? Trust Aquamark. To book your free consultation and site survey, call us on 020 8401 2375.

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