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In a town where there are so many built-up areas it can be difficult to find a specialist in commercial window cleaning, Croydon based, who can offer a full range of window cleaning techniques to suit all types of buildings.

Aquamark’s respected Croydon window cleaning team offers a choice of window cleaning methods to suit all eventualities. We are confident that regardless of the location and size of the building we have a technique that will offer a perfect clean and flawless finish. Our range of window cleaning techniques includes:

Water Fed Pole Systems: We offer both hot and cold water fed poles, also known as the reach and wash window cleaning system. With a reach of 73 feet, this is the perfect solution for access to high rise windows, and it’s environmentally friendly too.

Cherry pickers: Hydraulic platforms that can be elevated to heights of up to 62 feet offer an excellent solution where there are barriers to access.

Abseiling: With no height limit, abseil cleaning is ideal for a building’s interior too. All that’s required is a safe anchor point. All Aquamark’s abseiling staff are IRATA trained as is required by health and safety legislation

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Aquamark Delivers Flawless Results for Southern House in Croydon

Aquamark recently had their claim to be able to clean any windows tested on a contract for commercial window cleaning. Croydon is home to Southern House: a 17-storey building in the centre of the town which is home to many businesses, including HMRC.

Window cleaning in the past was done by abseiling, but due to maintenance of the anchorage points and roof access this became unsuitable. The building had a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) installed which took some time to be approved by insurance teams. After much communication it was passed.

Aquamark then took over the project to provide window cleaning. Croydon experts opted for window cleaning by cradle. After some initial teething problems the job was completed successfully. Prime communication was the key with walkie-talkies linking staff on the roof, on the ground and in the cradle to make sure all ran smoothly.

For more information about this challenging job or solutions for commercial window cleaning Croydon and the surrounding areas wide, please call Aquamark on 0208 8401 2375.

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