Standard and High Reach Window Cleaning

With a wealth of knowledge and specialist equipment, Aquamark can ensure your window cleaning needs are met with impressive and long lasting results.  Aquamark’s experienced teams have the ability to clean windows in:

  1. High rise buildings
  2. Office blocks
  3. Industrial buildings
  4. Residential tower blocks
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Commercial window cleaning services in Surrey and London

Surrey Window Cleaning Specialists

Water Fed Poles
Water Fed Poles are the most recent piece of modern cleaning equipment we have introduced at Aquamark.

The poles use advanced pure water technology, optimising the way windows are cleaned.

  1. No detergents used, eliminating residue
  2. Long lasting results
  3. 73 foot pole extension
  4. Cost effective and efficient
  5. Minimal disruption
  6. Foliage areas undisturbed

Thanks to Aquamark’s fully trained Industrial Rope Access Trained Association (IRATA) teams, even the most remote areas of a building, internally or externally, can be professionally serviced. IRATA specialists will visit your premises to ascertain your precise requirements and establish the best anchorage point.

This cleaning method promises:

  1. No damage to buildings
  2. Minimum disturbance
  3. Free site survey

If you have a need for high rise, awkwardly situated buildings or hard to reach interiors to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned, contact us today to arrange your free initial site visit so that we can ascertain your needs and provide you with a no obligation quotation.

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