Clean office windows have much more than just aesthetic appeal. While this may seem like a difficult spend to justify, especially if you’re currently in cost effective mode, window cleaning remains essential. Clean windows can have an impact on profits in many different ways, from ensuring your building looks good for longer and requires less maintenance, to helping to build trust with customers and clients.


Five ways that clean windows help to make profits

1. Reducing the ongoing cost of maintenance

The more you look after your building, the less maintenance it will require – this applies to everything from the carpets to the windows. If you don’t want to have to waste resources on repairing or replacing windows on a regular basis, make sure the cleaning schedule is adequate.


2. Establishing credibility

No matter what your business is, clients or customers are not going to be impressed by a grimy building façade. If you’re trying to attract a premium market or your windows are crucial for marketing displays this becomes even more important. Clean windows help to establish credibility by setting a benchmark of professionalism. A well looked after building façade indicates a business with a good understanding of brand image and what a clear commitment to professional values looks like, both of which can help to build credibility and trust.


3. Demonstrating an understanding of value

While clean office windows won’t show clients or customers what your business can do for theirs they do illustrate that you value your own business and understand the need to take care of it. Many customers and clients will make a judgment about how you’re likely to treat them based on the way that you value your own enterprise. Dirty windows and an uncared for façade could indicate that you’re not 100% committed to ensuring everyone gets the best results.


4. A positive business culture

A badly maintained building is often home to a business that doesn’t really value its employees enough to invest in their wellbeing. Grimy windows are depressing and affect the amount of sunlight that the interiors of the building receive. Clean windows create a good impression, on potential candidates and also clients and customers who are looking to partner with organisations that have a positive business culture that revolves around taking care of employees.


5. The impact on productivity

It’s just not possible to generate profit when productivity is low. If your employees are not happy in their workspace then one of the first things to suffer is the level of productivity they are able to achieve. Of course, there could be many reasons for a drop in productivity. But if your office windows are clean and employees have a clear and well maintained perspective to look out at, you will be able to ensure that this isn’t a factor in dragging your profits down.

Clean windows can have a tangible impact on the bottom line of the business in ways that many fail to recognise. It’s an investment worth making no matter what the industry you’re in. Get in touch with Aquamark Cleaning today for your commercial external window cleaning and internal window cleaning requirements.