Gutter Cleaning: Results that Speak for Themselves

At Aquamark, we use an Omnipole GutterVac system to thoroughly cleanse even the most heavily compacted gutters and downpipes.

Not only is our gutter cleaning service already a great way to keep your property in good shape but we have improved it by introducing the latest addition to our cleaning family. Our new 60ft gutter cleaning equipment allows us to reach higher than ever before. So if your building usually requires expensive cradles or cranes, we can step in and save on your annual gutter cleaning bill. Contact us today for more information

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Importance of regular gutter cleaning

One of the leading causes of water damage in buildings is blocked guttering and downpipes which can turn a little problem into a big one, often resulting in expensive repairs. Unfortunately, gutters can become clogged with anything from leaves and moss, to dirt and dead birds and animals. This causes rainwater to overflow and run down the side of your building. Long-term problems associated with leaks include mould, rot, damp and even damage to furnishings, flooring and equipment.

If you want to minimise the risks posed to your business property, professional gutter cleaning services are the ideal solution, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve taken steps to protect your building and assets. This should be completed on a regular basis, once or twice a year if possible.

What does Aquamark’s gutter cleaning service involve?

Implementing the Omni-Cam, we pinpoint debris that has built up in gutters, without the need for working at height. This makes it easy to inspect your guttering thoroughly, finding out where any issues are, as well as checking it’s completely clear after we’ve finished.

The Omnipole GutterVac is run along the length of the gutter to clear blockages. The compacted material is then broken up with a specially designed spike, and the PowerPole pressure-washing tool thoroughly cleanses the last of the debris.

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Why choose our effective gutter cleaning service?

We use the latest professional equipment to safely and efficiently clean out your gutters and downpipes from the bottom to the top.

Benefits we offer:

  • NEW – can now reach heights of 60ft!

  • See first-hand how debris is affecting your gutters

  • Witness before and after footage of your gutters on our cameras

  • No need for ladders or working from height

  • Prevent serious and costly issues associated with blockages, such as damp spots and water damage

Is gutter cleaning right for my property? If you’ve got gutters, then yes! An annual or biannual gutter cleanse will avoid the major problems caused by blockages, including damp spots and water damage.

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From regular gutter cleaning to emergency situations, if you have any problems with blocked gutters, our team are here to help.

We help property owners to protect their building from damages associated with overflowing, blocked gutters. When you get in touch, we’ll visit your site for free, conducting a survey and providing you with a no-obligation quotation.

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