Ensuring that your office windows are regularly cleaned and maintained isn’t just about aesthetics. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that clean windows also have a big impact on revenue. Although this may sound rather unusual, even unlikely, there is actually very clear and obvious link.


Clean windows = plenty of natural light

If you’re on top of a cleaning schedule when it comes to your office windows then you’ll always be making the most of the natural light available. Humans need natural light – as much of it as possible – and all of us are happier and healthier when we are exposed to it. If your office is full of natural light this will create a much more positive environment for your staff to operate in.


Happy staff = higher productivity

There is a clear correlation between an unhappy workforce and a drop in productivity – and working conditions have a big part to play in that. Natural light helps employees to focus and remain happy and healthy in a way that is difficult to achieve if you’re relying on fluorescent light or your office windows are so dirty that no light can filter through. So, if you want to ensure maximum productivity to increase those profits, clean windows are a key part of this.


A focus on employee wellbeing

Conditions such as anxiety and depression are not helped by environments that are dark and dingy. Mental health issues like this can seriously impact on the goals that staff are able to achieve, as well as the motivation that they have to go the extra mile to help the business grow. If you’re keen to improve employee wellbeing, reduce stress related conditions and give everyone the chance to thrive – for the benefit of the business – clean windows can support a more positive business environment and culture.


Feeling appreciated = better engagement

If your office environment is dark and poorly cared for you may find that employees don’t really want to stick around, let alone work harder for the business to help grow revenues. When staff feel appreciated, they tend to be more loyal to the business and are more engaged in the process of helping it to succeed. This often translates to a rise in output that can help to generate an increase in performance and profits.


Positive aesthetics = impressed clients

It’s not just employees who benefit from clean windows – your clients will also appreciate this too. Meetings in dark rooms where natural light is blocked can be depressing and unproductive. The alternative is clean windows that let the light shine through, creating an atmosphere in which everyone can perform well. Clients are more likely to want to return to an office space where the environment feels positive and pleasant to work in and this can mean more business for your company.

These are just some of the ways in which ensuring that your office has clean windows can have a tangible impact on the profits that your business is able to generate.