Window Cleaning at Embassy Gardens

Some of the larger sites we clean can be a complex task, but our team loves getting to grips with a site and overcoming any challenges faced.
Since April of this year, we provide window cleaning services on a regular basis at Embassy Gardens in Vauxhall.


The Project – A Challenging Site in London

The New Union Square estate in London’s Embassy Gardens will be a large complex of restaurants, shops and other businesses. The entire Embassy Gardens site will be connected by two new tube stations. When we first attended the building, we realised that the window cleaning would be a complex task. Therefore, it was imperative to plan a thorough cleaning service using the best techniques for the job.

One of the most difficult parts of this working at this site is its challenging mono-rail system, so abseil window cleaning is one of the best ways to access all areas of the building where windows are present. Our experts are more than capable of taking on such a task while implementing robust health and safety standards throughout the cleaning process.

Embassy Gardens window Cleaners


Outstanding Results Every Time

We clean all external windows using a combination of largely abseil rope access with some water fed pole cleaning too. Abseil window cleaning is the best method when working at a complex site where stable ground access is limited, allowing operatives to reach every spot of a building. Water fed poles can also be useful for performing a deeper clean from the ground where convenient. Our operatives are fully trained and qualified, including experienced Level 3 rope technicians for advanced abseil window cleaning.

Our cleaning team enjoy working at this site very much, enjoying the challenge and producing excellent, consistent results every time. We clean all the external windows at this building every three months. However, due to the sheer size of the job, it takes us approximately eight weeks to complete! Therefore, we have a team at the site more often than not.

Embassy Gardens Window Cleaning
embassy gardens window cleaners
aquamark cleaning embassy gardens window cleaners


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