Residential Block Window Cleaning

Better outcomes for you and the residents

We know that there’s a real diversity and often an intensity to what you have to manage.

This is why we have created a commercial window cleaning process that allows you to be so completely comfortable with what has been cleaned, is being cleaned and will be cleaned, that you can focus on the other tasks that need to be managed.

With just a couple of clicks or taps on the Aquamark In-Touch Live Status checker and you’ll see proof of what has and is being cleaned and what will be cleaned next.

We also help with keeping residents informed of what has, is and will be cleaned, or we leave that for you to do. You decide.

When it comes to customer experience, we’re focused on creating more valuable experiences for you and the residents.

Great communication and teamwork is the key to creating better outcomes for you. We thrive on achieving this for you, as your building window cleaners through a 3-step process.


Your Site Assessment

YOUR Site Assessment

We visit the site to assess access provision and identify the most effective ways to clean the exterior windows and glass.
We also estimate the time each section will take to clean.
We share these with you in a quick meeting or call. We also discuss how you’d like us to report progress.

ipad audit


Your Clean Programme

YOUR Clean Programme

We use the information gathered in Step 1 to create a proposal for cleaning the exterior windows and glass of the building.
This details how we’ll approach the cleaning of the different parts of the building and how we’ll update our progress.
This includes the frequency of cleaning and costs. Once approved, we go to Step 3

Commercial window cleaning - your clean programme


We are Live

WE are Live

We implement the agreed cleaning programme section by section of the building as agreed.
We update you on our progress, exactly as agreed with evidence on the In-Touch Live Status checker.

In-touch Live Status

With just a couple of clicks or taps, and you’ll know exactly

  1. What has been cleaned
  2. What is being cleaned now
  3. What will be cleaned

You are then in a position to manage any questions from residents.
You can stay focused on the diversity of what you need to manage without the need to think about the window and glass cleaning of the building.

Depending on the height of your building, water-fed pole and abseil window cleaning may be the go-solutions for you.

If your residential block building is high-rise and above 70 feet, abseiling works to ensure your windows sparkle even in the hard-to-reach areas.

However, if your building is 70 feet or below, water-fed poles are a versatile and trustworthy tool in providing an effective clean.

There are several apartment block window cleaning services for your residential buildings, these include cherry pickers and power washing.


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