There are multiple methods of cleaning a commercial building, depending on the type of work being undertaken (such as the cleaning of windows, gutters or a façade), as well as the size and location of the property. Some of the most important factors which decide on the most appropriate technique include how to keep commercial cleaners safe and gain easy access to the building.

One of the most popular methods selected is cherry picker cleaning which involves a railed, elevated platform being raised and lowered by a mechanical arm. This has the benefit of being easily manoeuvred by the user with controls in the mobile basket, helping them to reach the appropriate parts of the building to clean. There are also controls in the base unit of the cherry picker if required.

But which business properties are cherry picker window cleaning systems most suitable for?

Cherry picker cleaning systems - find out if your property is suitableHigh-Rise Buildings

Cherry pickers are ideal for high-rise buildings where water fed poles would struggle to reach the heights required. Water-fed pole cleaning is popular for providing a deeper clean by absorbing grime and algae to leave windows and properties looking spotless. However, while the poles can reach heights up to 70 metres, many buildings are taller. This is where cherry pickers provide the ideal solution, hitting heights of up to 200 metres.

No Cradle Access

Another method of cleaning high-rise buildings is via cradle access which starts at the top of the building. The cradle containing the cleaners is lowered down high strength cables, but this is only possible in structures where you can affix pulleys. Safety is of utmost importance when working at heights, so a commercial cleaning specialist will make a thorough risk assessment before starting the work. If there’s no appropriate cradle access, cherry pickers provide a safe solution. This technique is also more flexible if your business property consists of several smaller buildings. Otherwise known as a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform), a cherry picker is really easy to transport from building to building quickly and efficiently, causing minimal business disruptions.

Ground Conditions

Cherry pickers need to sit on a stable, level area on the ground to be safely used by the operator. Your chosen cleaning specialist will need to inspect the ground before confirming that cherry pickers are an option. This will start with a visual inspection, but sometimes further tests are required to verify ground conditions are suitable.


Cherry picker operators will also need to consider any obstructions present on the building’s façade which may affect how close they can get to windows and other areas needing to be cleaned. The operator must have the flexibility to manoeuvre the basket without compromising their health and safety. They should also consider whether they will be moving towards anything which could put them at risk such as power cables. In situations where closer access to a building is required, abseil window cleaning may be a better option.

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