High rise window cleaning requires specialist skill and experience to ensure great results every time. As the number of tall buildings in cities such as London has increased over the years, the demand for this service has shot up too. Most high rise structures are finished with glass. The use of glass windows allows the occupants of a building to enjoy more natural light and also has a high end aesthetic finish when viewed from the outside.

However, it can present an ongoing problem for a building Facilities Manager when it comes to ensuring that the building looks good from the outside and functions well for its occupants. That’s why high-rise window cleaning is so essential – as long as you have the right specialist support.


High-rise window cleaning – what you need to know

The challenge of the high-rise environment

Especially during the winter months, high-rise window cleaning can be very challenging. Environmental conditions can make it difficult to achieve great results and can also present safety challenges. It’s always worth ensuring that the cleaning contractor you’re planning to use has sufficient experience in working with the high-rise environment, so that you get consistent quality of finish and avoid any safety issues.


Glass and other materials

While the majority of the surface area to be cleaned may be made up of glass, cleaning the exterior of a building can also involve tackling other materials, such as cladding. When you’re working with a cleaning contractor it’s crucial to ensure that a consistent finish will be possible across the entire exterior and not just the parts of the building that are made of glass.


The importance of experience

Cleaning a high-rise building takes considerable skill and expertise. In particular, it’s essential for those involved to have a wide range of experience in this specialist field. It can be tricky to achieve desired results at height without the right experience and knowledge and this may mean that the outcome of any work is not satisfactory. An experienced contractor will be able to deliver perfect results every time.


Using the right equipment

Depending on the building, a range of different types of equipment may be necessary to achieve the ideal clean. For example, this may involve water-fed poles or cherry pickers that carry staff to the right height, as well as a selection of different cleaning techniques. Using the right equipment will ensure that results are exceptional and consistent.


Gaining safe access

Another key element of a high-rise cleaning service will be enabling access to surfaces for cleaning without creating a safety risk or damaging the building. This may involve rope access techniques, scissor lifts or hydraulic platforms, the use of which requires a skilled hand and an experienced operator.

Cleaning high-rise building windows requires specialist expertise that not every firm can provide. Working with the right partner can help to take the hassle out of this ongoing requirement and ensure consistently excellent results every time.

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