According to Leonardo da Vinci “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – and the system of water-fed pole cleaning is a fantastic example of this. It is one of the most popular options for building cleaning because it is incredibly effective while also providing cost benefits and involving little or no disruption to the use of the building. If you’ve considered water-fed pole cleaning there are some very good reasons to opt for this type of solution.


It does what is says on the tin

This cleaning system is incredibly simple – a water-fed pole is used to provide effective cleaning to a range of buildings across many different heights. A high reaching pole and filtered water deliver exceptional cleaning results for windows and facades, no matter what the age or design of the building. Some systems – such as that used by Aquamark – use hot water to improve the effectiveness of this cleaning method.


What are the benefits of a water-fed pole system?

The right type of cleaning for any budget

Water-fed pole cleaning generates exceptional results without requiring a substantial budget. It’s a very cost effective cleaning solution that delivers every time.


Reducing environmental impact

Whether your business is an eco focused business, or you’re looking to be more socially responsible, water-fed pole cleaning is well aligned with a more environmentally friendly outlook. The system uses pure water to achieve results, as opposed to the detergents and chemicals that other cleaning methods need to succeed.


Impressive reach

Water-fed pole systems are operated from the ground but have significant reach. Well trained operators skillfully use the poles to clean windows and facades up to 70 metres off the ground.


Ideal for unique or hard to reach buildings

This type of cleaning system is hand operated so can be used to clean even hard to reach or unusually designed parts of buildings. Innovative and easy to use, you don’t have to look far to find an unconventional façade that has been effectively cleaned with water-fed poles.


A versatile cleaning option

Working with water-fed poles enables flexibility when it comes to cleaning the outside of the building. So, even where there are different structures to cope with – such as signs, cladding or canopies – these don’t cause issues or obstruction when it comes to achieving an impressive clean. As they are operated by individuals, water-fed poles can be used anywhere, even where there is no level ground that would be required for something like a cherry picker.


Avoiding building disruption

Some cleaning systems can end up obstructing access to a building or causing disruption to those who are trying to work inside. Not so with a water-fed pole system, which is quiet, unobtrusive and mobile, and so won’t get in the way of those who are working in, or coming and going, from the building.

Water-fed pole cleaning is ideal for most buildings because it is simple, fast and versatile – and it also gets great results. Find out more about our window cleaning services by getting in touch today.