Not every cleaning system is the same and there are some buildings that require a slightly gentler touch in order to get the best results. The Torik cleaning system is renowned for providing an innovative way to safely clean delicate buildings. If you’re looking to get better results from your investment in cleaning services then it could be that you need to switch to this type of cleaning approach.


What is the Torik cleaning system?

It’s an alternative to jet washing equipment. Essentially, rather than the blast of water that is used to powerfully clean buildings with jet washing, Torik works with pressurised steam. The steam is produced via super-heated water in a diesel burner, enabling gentle but effective and safe cleaning of even the most delicate surfaces. Using a Torik cleaning system has a number of benefits for any building, including:

  • A less harsh approach to removing dirt and grime from the outside of a building
  • Cleaning that doesn’t require chemicals
  • An effective alternative to high pressure water systems
  • Easy to use at a range of different heights
  • A simple way to reveal the original look and aesthetic of the building underneath layers of grim that may have built up
  • Minimising the risk of any damage to the exterior of the building by working with pressurised steam, as opposed to a water jet or chemical mix
  • A simple way to remove everything, from moss, algae and fungi to graffiti


What type of buildings benefit from Torik?

This effective cleaning system can be used on a wide range of different buildings. It’s particularly appropriate for older buildings that may have a delicate façade and which could be damaged if a heavy duty water jet was applied. It’s also possible to achieve much better results using a Torik cleaning system where buildings have glass reinforced concrete. The Torik cleaning system deep cleans the outside of the building without harsh methods or the potential for serious damage – it’s a much better alternative for delicate architecture.


Torik cleaning with Aquamark

We regularly use the Torik cleaning system to get the best results on the facades of buildings that need a little more TLC during the cleaning process. It’s a flexible system that can be used at heights and even on buildings where there are hard to reach areas. Where there is stable ground below we use a cherry picker to apply the Torik cleaning system up to heights of 200 feet. Our specialist team can also use the Torik system for higher buildings or those where there is no stable ground access below – abseil cleaning makes any area accessible, even those that are not easily reached from the ground.

As experts in ensuring the ideal finish, we employ the most innovative technology to find the best solutions for our clients. The Torik cleaning system is just one example of the way that specialist techniques have evolved to cater for the wide range of structural cleaning requirements that exist.

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