It’s a common misconception that to get windows sparkling clean, you have to use a harsh blend of chemicals. While we’ve all heard of homemade cleaning solutions using ingredients such as lemon and vinegar, this isn’t something which is viable or appropriate to remove the vast amount of dirt and grime which has built up on the windows and façades of commercial buildings. That’s why we’ve invested in techniques suitable for cleaning large areas, using environmentally friendly methods which get the best results. Sound good? Here’s how we’ve implemented green window cleaning techniques throughout our services.

Chemical-free window cleaning: how it produces better results every time in London

Filtered Pure Water

For cleaning techniques such as water fed poles, we use filtered pure water which offers a deeper clean than other techniques which just use cold water. The water contains no added detergent or chemicals which can leave a fine layer across the windows. What makes this water pure? It’s been treated to ensure any solid particles in the water have been dissolved, filtering out the contaminants found in normal tap water. It’s these impurities which cause marks to be left after cleaning windows. In our pure water, these particles have been filtered out. This provides much better results in terms of removing grime and washing windows without leaving a residue which dirt can stick to. This water can be fed through high reaching poles to make sure windows look absolutely spotless.

Steam Cleaning

Another option which can be used in conjunction with methods such as cradle access cleaning, cherry pickers and abseil cleaning is the Torik window cleaning system. The Torik machine is a super-heated steam cleaner which is a great alternative to using high-pressure washers that aren’t suitable for delicate buildings. The machine allows the operator to use a controlled amount of hot, pressurised steam to effectively remove a wide range of debris from windows and buildings without the need for chemicals. This includes moss, algae, grime, dirt, fungi, graffiti, oil, grease and chewing gum. The technique also kills the biological growth of spores, so can stop the spread and build-up of mould. The user can control both temperature and pressure which is ideal for customising window cleaning techniques according to the condition of the windows and how deep a clean the customer requires.

Get the Best Results

Here at Aquamark, we believe in providing eco-friendly, green techniques which produce the best results for our clients. We know that chemicals can stay in the environment for a long time, as well as acting as a harsh cleaner when used with water. Our gentler techniques produce better results every time and are kinder to the environment. We cover a wide area of the South East, including locations in London, Surrey and Berkshire. If you’d like a free, no obligation quotation for all the commercial window cleaning you require, get in touch today.