How to Ensure Buildings Are Cleaned Safely

While achieving sparkling windows and thoroughly cleaned commercial properties is our aim here at Aquamark Cleaning, carrying out our cleaning techniques in the safest manner possible is our main priority. Health and safety guidelines must be considered throughout our entire processes to protect both our operatives and anyone else around the building.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure buildings are cleaned safely.

Initial Safety Visit to Your Site

When you get in touch with your commercial cleaning specialist, they should organise a time to come and visit your site. This not only allows them to put together a tailored quote but also assess the needs of the area and the right window cleaning techniques for your building. For example, if the ground isn’t stable and level enough, cherry pickers wouldn’t be the best option. Every company is different, but we always schedule your clean to take place at least two weeks from the point of this initial survey, allowing us time to put together a RAMS and any other health and safety documents you require.

Window cleaning safety guides - how to ensure buildings are cleaned safely in London and Surrey

What is a RAMS?

A RAMS is a Risk Assessment and Method Statement. This is a key part of protecting ourselves, your staff, visitors and the public, ensuring the work fully complies with safety laws and Government regulations. It’s a statement which details how the work will be carried out and the process involved. Any risk factors or hazards will be identified and with these in mind, it details how the cleaning will be completed safely. It should also include any measures to be taken to protect anyone else affected by the task such as your staff and those on the ground below. This is an important part of the safety process as we often work from a height, including the cleaning of high-rise buildings. Once we’ve prepared all the health and safety documentation required, we’ll send it to you to confirm the details.

Skilled, Trained Cleaning Operatives

A reputable company such as ourselves only assigns those operatives to the job who have been fully trained to use the equipment and tools required, as well as in the cleaning technique they’ll be carrying out. This means anyone who will be abseil window cleaning, for example, is fully competent and qualified to do so. All staff should be supervised and supported to complete the job safely, and a senior manager visits the site periodically if it’s more than three days long. Cleaning technicians wear the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and any tools or machinery are regularly inspected to check they’re in good working order.

Want to ensure your building is cleaned safely?

Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we put health and safety at the heart of our commercial cleaning operations. Legal experts even review our health and safety policy every year to ensure we stay completely up to date with the latest legislation. We work with clients across London, Surrey and Berkshire, including businesses in Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Leatherhead. Get in touch with our friendly team to organise your safety visit now.