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Aquamark: Construction Site Cleaning Surrey and London


Aquamark hase built up a solid reputation as construction site cleaners on some of the capital’s most prestigious building projects.  Offering comprehensive services including a complete builders’ clean, we’ve proved ourselves to be head and shoulders above our competition.

Aquamark has over twenty years experience as first rate building site cleaners for a large range of construction projects of varying sizes. London is currently experiencing a high volume of building projects. This year our construction site contract cleaners provided an excellent job in construction site cleaning for large display and graphics company Service Graphics while they were having major refurbishment work done on part of their premises.

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Construction work was only being completed in part of the firm’s premises, the rest was still occupied by staff.  Service Graphics were so pleased with the cleaning services provided by our building site contract cleaners that made the workplace safe and clean for staff, that it won us a large on-going office cleaning contract for their four large offices.

Barnwood Shop Fittings

Barnwood Shop Fittings provides refurbishments and builds for some of the UK high street’s major retail outlets including WH Smith, Starbucks, Ernest Jones and the retail sections of St Pancras and Kings Cross stations.  Following major building work within a shop, specialist construction site cleaning is required to make it immaculately clean before it can be opened to the public.  Aquamark has provided regular specialist building site contract cleaners to Barnwood to complete their high profile shop fitting contracts.

When Only Qualified Construction Cleaners Will Do

A builders’ clean should only be undertaken by experienced and well trained construction site cleaners.  A complete understanding of and adherence to health and safety guidelines attached to working on a construction site must be demonstrated to ensure that your staff, contractors and where appropriate the public, remain safe. Our health and safety training is managed by an external, specialist consultant.

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