Thanks to the likes of Marie Kondo and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up there has been a big shift towards minimalism and decluttering personal and professional spaces. As a result, most of us have a pretty good grasp of how the state of office interiors can impact on the experience – and performance – of those within them.

However, what we often forget is the effect that the exterior of a building might have. Office building exteriors are the first encounter anyone has with the business or brand, whether they are visiting for a meeting or arriving every morning for work. There are some very good reasons why it makes sense to invest in keeping those exteriors clean.


The life changing magic of cleaning your office building exteriors

Ensure a positive first impression

Streaked windows or grimy surfaces don’t convey the impression of a well cared for organisation that understands how to make an impact. Given that 73% of people judge a business based on its external image, clean exteriors could be more crucial than you realise.


Create a productive environment for staff

Dirty windows block natural light, which is an essential component in helping staff to remain motivated and focused. If you want to ensure ongoing productivity, clean office exteriors have a role to play.


Preserve and protect

Cleaning your office exteriors regularly will help to maintain them for longer. Dirt and grime can clog mechanisms and animal droppings often have a corrosive effect. Investing in office exterior cleaning is an investment in maintaining the building too.


Where the work is required

Office windows

Many office buildings today are constructed with large windows, recognising the need that employees have for as much natural light as possible. However, this also means that large areas of the outside of a building are made of glass, which – if not regularly cleaned – quickly starts to look unattractive. It doesn’t matter how tidy and clean the interiors of an office building are, if the windows are dirty the inside will never really feel good.



Blocked gutters not only look unappealing and poorly cared for but can also cause structural issues if left unattended. Gutter clearing is an essential part of cleaning office exteriors and doesn’t necessarily require cradles and cranes. The Aquamark system, for example, can reach up to 60ft without this type of equipment.


Grounds maintenance

The grounds around your office building are equally important, not just when it comes to creating a positive impression but also to ensure that trees or foliage don’t cause damage through lack of maintenance or overgrowth. If you’re going to invest in cleaning office exteriors then grounds maintenance needs to be on your list too.

Cleaning your office building exterior is as important as carrying out regular interiors maintenance and cleaning – the two go hand in hand. Our specialist team can tackle the cleaning challenges of any building, from windows to gutters.

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