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The commercial window cleaning industry is consistently evolving, whether it’s updates to health and safety legislation or new, advanced cleaning techniques to produce high-quality results.

As a team passionate about providing great services for our clients, we’re always looking for ways we can improve so that we can offer you the best options available. Here’s our guide to some of the commercial window cleaning trends we expect to see this year.

Commercial cleaning trends - what's new in 2019? | Expert Cleaning Guides

Smart Technology Integration

It’s not just the commercial window cleaning sector that’s evolving with smart technology creeping its way into almost everything we do. In 2019, we expect to see more advances in this area, combining technological advances with professional cleaning equipment. This may include tools that can perform deeper cleans and collect information to become more autonomous.

This could make pricing jobs easier and enhance communication possibilities, improving the client experience when checking on progress. The popularity of cordless technology continues to grow which also opens up opportunities for more advanced cleaning methods to be carried out on a building’s façade, as well as allowing more equipment to be used by abseil window cleaners.

Green Cleaning & Sustainability

We’ve seen a rise in speciality cleaning in recent times, and this has allowed improvements to be made in the green cleaning industry. Business owners are continually looking for new ways to lower their impact on the environment, including the commercial cleaning methods they agree to adopt.

For example, here at Aquamark Cleaning, techniques such as our water fed poles no longer use detergents. We use pure, filtered water instead, reducing the number of harmful chemicals we put into the environment. We also use techniques such as pressurised steam in place of chemicals for grime and graffiti removal, finding environmentally-friendly, deep cleaning techniques that don’t compromise the quality of the results.

Complex Architecture

As a modern wave of architects is putting their mark on towns and cities across the UK, we’ll continue to see contemporary, interesting designs develop at sites throughout the year. This feels especially true for locations across the capital, with various reports showing that London’s skyline is going to be transformed by 2020.

While there’s often a focus on the financial district’s buildings, planning permission and building works are commencing in wider-reaching areas, including skyscrapers in Lambeth, Wandsworth and Tower Hamlets. Far from your standard high-rise buildings, we’re seeing a variety of shapes, floating structures, luxury buildings and slanted roofs emerge.

This makes things interesting for the commercial window cleaning industry, forcing companies to focus on expert planning just as much as the clean itself.

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