You may have seen professional cleaners working with cherry picker equipment, often to gain access to the outside of tall buildings. Cherry pickers are known for their versatility and for supporting professional cleaning teams looking to attain a high standard of finish. But when do you know whether cherry picker window cleaning is the best option?


What is a cherry picker?

It’s a piece of equipment designed specifically for cleaning services. The cherry picker is a hydraulic device with a basket fixed to the end of a hydraulic arm. Cherry pickers are highly mobile and can be transported to the site where they are most needed. A cleaning operative is positioned in the basket, which can be moved to a range of different heights so as to enable the perfect clean to be carried out.


What’s the alternative to a cherry picker?

The use of a cherry picker is often recommended where other window cleaning options, such as water fed poles or cradles for example, are not possible. Some buildings may not have the right equipment to support cradles and others may be too tall for water fed poles. In both situations a cherry picker may be a better alternative. Perhaps the only situation where a cherry picker may not work is where there is no level ground at the base of the building to safely support the equipment. Where that is the case it may be necessary to use something like abseil window cleaning.


When is a cherry picker recommended?

This type of equipment can reach heights of up to 200 feet, which makes it the ideal option for buildings that are high rise. Where access is an issue for windows from the building itself – or the architecture is of an awkward design, the cherry picker can be a great way to get the job done.


What are the benefits of a cherry picker?

  • A swift and efficient cleaning method that will ensure high standards of cleaning are achieved
  • Flexible and versatile, especially for buildings that have been constructed from a lot of glass and need regular cleaning
  • Ideal even where the building itself offers no straightforward access – all that is required for cherry picker equipment is level ground beneath
  • Reduces any disruption to those using the building that might be caused by other cleaning options – any disruption from the use of a cherry picker will be minimal for those on site
  • When you work with Aquamark, we ensure that our cherry picker staff are all IPAF licensed. All have prior experience with this equipment and have been fully trained to the highest standards

A cherry picker is often the best option for high-rise buildings that require regular cleaning. It is simple, versatile and a great way to ensure optimal results with minimal disruption. If you’d like to find out more about how we use cherry picker cleaning at Aquamark – and the benefits for your business – please get in touch.