Here at Aquamark Cleaning, we’re no stranger to cleaning complex commercial sites, and this wouldn’t be possible without our skilled operatives. This includes our abseil window cleaners who work anywhere from high-rise buildings to those spots in which ground equipment can’t easily reach. Here are some of the challenges abseilers face around London’s sites.

Abseil window cleaning guides - how to clean challenging sites in London

Using Skilled Level 3 Rope Technicians

Among our team of abseilers, we’re lucky to have Level 3 rope technicians. This means they are at the highest level of professional schemes like IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). For commercial cleaning projects where rope access is required, they are qualified to supervise the site and have an in-depth knowledge of rescue and rigging techniques, health and safety legislation and equipment limitations. When visiting sites around the capital, one of the first things our abseil window cleaners will do is complete a risk assessment to help them form a method statement for the appropriate strategies for cleaning the entire building or structure safely. IRATA’s regimes consistently evolve, and members must keep up to date with these to ensure they establish and maintain safe working systems.

Complex Structures

When dealing with the different types of structures around London, there are a number of factors to consider. This includes assessing how cleaners will be able to reach each part of the building, as well as whether rope access is available. Rope access helps commercial cleaners to work as efficiently as possible, quickly moving from place to place on the building or structure. Our abseilers love working at complex sites, including Embassy Gardens on the New Union Square Estate in Vauxhall which has a challenging monorail system to work around. With architecture evolving around the capital as new sites are built, we’re seeing a lot more interesting designs appearing. This means having to plan anything from safely cleaning domed roofs and balustrades to large glazing elements spanning across entire walls.

Overcoming Challenges

Abseil window cleaning is a great method for commercial cleaning companies to adopt as it allows operatives to carry out their duties while causing minimal disruptions to other operations. If a property is still being built or there are other trades working onsite, it reduces their impact on space and access. For example, we regularly clean at Royal Wharf site in the Isle of Dogs which is set to become one of the largest residential apartment complexes in London. To overcome challenges faced at this type of site, our team often uses combined cleaning approaches. This could include water fed poles and cherry pickers which are used to clean parts of the building from ground level. Skilled abseilers can also take specialist equipment with them such as a Torik steam cleaner to remove tough grime.

Need abseil window cleaners?

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